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Back To My Roots is about how life can take you many places, some good and some bad, but don’t lose yourself in the mix no matter what happens. People will look down on the poor and judge a person simply because they don’t have money. This world will make you feel like you don’t deserve to live if you don’t have a fat wallet, but you can find happiness if you surround yourself with unconditionally loving people. Be a friend, show love, be the change you want to see in the world, be yourself and do what you love without any expectations and you can't ever go wrong!


The endless road must travel on
Forgetting how to sing a song
Don’t lose yourself along the way
Fight for your dreams for all your days
This life is full of give and take
Not who you are but what you make
I’m trying to just live my best life
and no second place will not suffice
I’ve been to lots of places I’ve traveled coast to coast
No where can come close to the place I love the most
Way back in the mountains will always be my home
Back to my roots again and never more to roam
Many people come and go
But a true friend there love will show
To heal takes time and it isn’t quick
Building your future brick by brick
Don’t get caught up in all the games
There’s more to life than wealth or fame
Just do your thing and make a name
Break out away from all the same